Organizational change begins with you.

Strategic Planning Process

The Thrive Advisory facilitates a 6-phase strategic planning process centering on race equity and inclusion. All clients report experiencing deep learning, increased unity and transformation.

This program is for organizations who seek to identify growth goals. We'll aid in developing an intentional focus to facilitate your unique journey and help you and your team plan a roadmap to get there. Organizations with new leadership or that have experienced sudden growth often benefit most from this service.

Liberation, Regenerative Practices, and Race Equity

Liberation and regenerative practices that salve and nourish.

Liberation coaching especially customized for you. We’ll:

  • Disrupt internal barriers like internalized inferiority or internalized superiority
  • Tend to intergenerational traumas and/or historical traumas
  • Learn and hone liberation and regenerative tools, methodologies

Race equity Centered Organizations Liberate

Heal the Workplace through Liberation Culture.

Secure your employees’ well-being, secures your organization’s wellbeing with your own custom change initiatives and coaching every step of the way.

  • Create your internal liberation team
  • Assess organizational culture
  • Customize organizational, team and individual liberation and regenerative tools and plans.

Strategic Planning

Who it's for:

Organizations seeking to identify growth goals.


Liberation Coaching

Who it's for:

People committed to being the change in their lives, their organizations and our society.


Race Equity Advancement Initiatives

Who it's for:

Organizations who seek to shift their organizational culture and policies toward more race equitable practices.


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